Summer at Paradù with

grande puffo puffetta

From June 1st to September 4th

Inside Paradù EcoVillage & Resort there’s the VILLAGE OF THE SMURFS! A Green Baby Area where everything is smurfy, sustainable and designed to keep our planet healthy.

A play area dedicated to Smurfs where you can play and participate in many smurf activities. Scroll down the page to discover them…

Become the star! Attend the many Smurf workshops developed so that you can learn while having fun. Every day you will find different activities.

Do you like sports? Hefty Smurf is waiting for you to play “Smurf Goal!”, “Target Smurf” and “Strength Smurf”. Go for it!

Be inspired by the artistic talents of Painter Smurf and get to work. Grab your paints and brushes and paint your masterpiece.

Smurf moments to remember! Mom and Dad, you can take pictures of your kids in front of the Smurf village houses!

Have you seen the tattoo of Hefty Smurf? Would you like a heart tattoo like his or do you prefer a tattoo of Gargamel? 🙂

Lots of smurfy laughs with the “Secret Forest Treasure Hunt”, the ” Smurf Crosswords” and the game “Don’t count your Smurfs until they have hatched!”.

The more you play,
The more you help the Planet!

Did you know that by participating in the activities in the Smurfs’ Baby Area you contribute to the health of our planet? You will receive a card that you can actually plant and grow a tree to reduce pollution. The card is made with magic paper. You don’t believe it? Then try it: as soon as you get home, take a pot and put some soil in it, plant the card and water it. You just watch and see as a smurfy little plant grows!

Environmental Impact

We've captured

54.200 Kg of CO₂

We Have Active

6 Projects

We Have Planted

200 Trees

We Have Involved

4000 People

The Smurfs' Chalets

16 personalized chalets all dedicated to the Smurfs with lots of smurfy games… even digital ones!


Smurfette and Papa Smurf are out and about in the village.

Are you ready to live a smurfy adventure?

Mom and Dad, here’s a few spoilers for you 😉 : in the children’s room there is a Smurfs’ landscape on the wall and your children can play with magnet characters. In the adults’ room, you will find a tablet. Two QR code are available: one to show the children an episode of the Smurfs and, the other, to make them listen to the cartoon songs. Wooow!!! And you know what else? We have a gift to welcome your family in a Smurfish way: a welcome kit with lots of Smurfs toys and accessories that you can take home at the end of your vacation.

Come and spend your vacation at
Paradù EcoVillage & Resort:

The Smurfs are here!

Every Wednesday
An unforgettable event!
From June 1st to September 4th
Meet the Smurfs!

Play, have fun and have your photo taken together with the MASCOTTE DI PAPA SMURF and SMURFETTE!


A smurfy memory! Mom and Dad can take some photos of your children with the mascots of Papa Smurf and Smurfette!

Theme Games

Have fun and be the hero of our games as if you were inside an episode of the Smurfs.

Baby Dance with Smurfette

Dance with Smurfette on the notes of the famous songs of the Smurfs cartoon.

Smurf Mail

Write a letter to Papa Smurf! What do you wish to tell him? The most smurfy ones will be read during the evening event.

Evening Live Event

End your day in joy! Participate in the party at the end of the day that our entertainers together with Papa Smurf and Smurfette have planned for you. Special moments, exciting and smurfy times. Do not miss out on all the fun!

Discover all the Smurf Days with
Papa Smurf and Smurfette!

Hurry up,
the Smurfs are waiting for you

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